At Gaig, we are very proud to preserve the rich heritage of Gaig family recipes, lovingly perfected over five generations since 1869. Each dish is a delicious reflection of history and tradition, capturing the essence of Catalonia. But we also embrace the spirit of innovation, ensuring that our culinary creations are always fresh, exciting and in tune with the evolving tastes of our guests.

Our menus change with the seasons, so you can always expect the freshest, tastiest produce in every dish we create, along with the Gaig family's timeless heritage recipes.



Carles Gaig is known for his gastronomic creations rooted in the rich culinary traditions of Catalonia. Its heritage recipes, passed down from generation to generation, form the basis of its culinary excellence. With a passion for preserving authentic flavors and a focus on locally sourced ingredients, Carles Gaig elevates classic Catalan dishes to new heights.

These heritage recipes, together with other consecrated culinary techniques, have become emblematic and loved by food lovers looking for an authentic taste of Catalonia.

Gaig Traditional Canelon Gaig Restaurant Singapore 2


Among the culinary treasures found in all of Gaig's restaurants, the traditional cannelloni stand out as a true signature dish. A comforting treat, this 150-year-old recipe was lovingly passed down by Charles' mother and great-grandmother, and was first served at Gaig's Tavern in 1869. Wrapped in sheets of fresh pasta home-made roast beef and pork served with a delicious truffle cream sauce. It remains a year-round favorite on all Gaig menus, captivating diners with its exquisite flavors.

Pigeon And Porcini Mushroom Rice Gaig Restaurant Singapore 2


Another beloved Gaig family classic is Gaig's pigeon rice, which dates back to 1869. Celebrating the essence of Catalonia, this dish showcases the succulent meat of the pigeon, a regional game bird. The rice is cooked to perfection in a rich and flavorful broth infused with the essence of pigeon, resulting in a deeply aromatic and delicious creation. It appears on the menu of all Gaig restaurants, whether in Barcelona or outside, and continues to be one of the best sellers.

Bomba De La Barceloneta Gaig Restaurant Singapore R

& Many more

From generation to generation, the Gaig family perfected their craft, preserving cherished heritage recipes that have been passed down over the years. With each new member of the family, the culinary experience was refined, enriched and passed on, ensuring the continuation of its gastronomic heritage. We believe in the magic of seasonal ingredients, which is why each time of the year our menus are adapted to what nature offers and we highlight their gastronomic value with our carefully prepared recipes.